ALP-1 Lite

  • ALP-1 Lite is highly upgraded professional breathalyzer for measuring alcohol in human breath. It is installed high technology of Sentech’s Premium fuel cell sensor SURACELL. Test result can be storage on ALP-1 Lite as well as print out the data through a wired mobile printer.





Sensor Type

SURACELL(Fuel cell sensor)


AA AlkalineBattery 2EA


180g (Including batteries)

Size (mm)

133 (height)X 64 (width) X 33 (thickness)



0.00 ~ 5.000  g/l(‰)

0.00 ~ 0.500 %BAC

0.00 ~ 2.500  mg/l

Warming up time

5 sec ~ 120 sec

Time for analysis

Within 5 seconds (at 0.050%BAC, 24°C)


±5% ( at 0.050%BAC)

Working temperature

-5°C ~ 40°C

( * Optional function : Automatic heating system of the sensor for the operation in -10°C ~ 50°C )




Max. 2,500 test data (Internal)

Additional Feature

Wired printer,

PC connection (SENTECH VIEW or MAX30)




 1.  1 x Breathalyzer

 2.  1 x Plastic case

 3.  5 x Disposable mouthpiece

 4.  1 x Reusable mouthpiece

 5.  2 x AA size Alkaline Batteries

 6.  1 x Manual

 7.  1 x Hand strap 

 8.  1 x Pouch

 9.  1 x PC software

10. 1 x PC connectable USB cable





üMobile printer connectable
Test result printing available through cable wired with mobile printer



       Internal memory: Max.2,500 tests


üPC connectable

        Recall the date,time, operation mode and

        test result


üPassive & Manual testing

       Supports any type of testing and use

       according to testing circumstances


üMulti language supports

       Select your preferred language for the

       convenient use


ü2 setting mode: User & Administrator

       Protected administrator mode by passcode

       to avoid any configuration error  


üCalibration interval

       Reminder will be activated every 12 months

       or 1,000 times (whichever comes first)

       It is also changeable in the setting mode     

       (protected by passcode) for your customized